Detroit Free Press - 04/19/2014

Can we discuss Abby’s face of sheer joy watching that puck going in, even though he’s being crushed


the fact that kids feel physically ill and have mental breakdowns at the very idea of going to school should be a clue to some people that maybe something isnt fucking right


Outside a gym in central London!




i think freckles, stretch marks, tattoos, bruises, birthmarks and scars are probably the coolest thing, you started with almost a blank canvas and look at u now, all this evidence that you’ve lived and the sun has shone on you and you’ve grown and maybe tripped up a few times and liked an image so much u made it a permanent part of u, beautiful.

That’s one of the most uplifting things I’ve read

This needs to get passed around more

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Let’s go Red Wings!!

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Gotta love that Michigan spring…. 😑

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Impromptu getaway for the weekend!

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Ahhh so excited to try these out!

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D-Box seats to see the new Captain America movie!!

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Oh Pavel…


You know when an fast angry song comes on that you know every word to comes on and you’re in just the right mood that you’re eyes light up with the fire and angst of a thousand punk rockers and you just feel so alive